Support Us

Over the years, we have grown and continue to grow, strengthened and inspired by the many wayfarers we have met, and supported by those with whom we have walked this journey and shared this dream.  For the beginnings of Vimochana lie not only with the visions of the women and men who initiated it many years ago, but they continue with the participation, experiences, and lives of each one who weaves different threads, many colours, and changing patterns, each thread making possible the rest.

While our programmes are funded, we often have to struggle to raise monetary support for women who are poor or are marginalised in case of medical / educational / legal emergencies.  We have been helping women in accessing social groups or agencies – Government and Non-Government that meet their particular needs but with growing numbers of women needing support, we need to generate a help fund to meet immediate support requirements.

Therefore, we request our supporters to please contribute.

The Vimochana Fund, created for receiving funds is used for:

  • Emergency medical treatment for poor women and their children
  • Educational support for children of women who cannot afford to meet the expenses, for children living in risk situations and for girls who need to continue higher education but do not have family support to do so.
  • Legal action support
  • Sponsorship for Skill Trainings for young girls

The fund will be managed by the Accounts Officer and Secretary of Vimochana and all decisions regarding use will be by the Core group of Vimochana, comprising of the office bearers, work coordinators and senior members.

To make a donation, please send a cheque or money order or a Banker’s Cheque or a demand Draft drawn on Bangalore, made out to “Vimochana” with indication of the cause you would like to support.  Please write also (in a separate note or on the back of the cheque / DD),  the following details:

  • Donor’s name
  • Complete address
  • PAN Number (if available)

The Cheque / DD / Banker’s Cheque is to be posted to the following address:

33/1-9, Thyagraj Layout,
Jaibharath Nagar
Bangalore 560033

Telefax: +91-80-25492782

Tax Exemption:  All donations to Vimochana are exempt under Section 80(G).